Minimization of vertical movement in rough seas

The hull technology is based on the SWATH construction principle known since 1938, which was previously reserved for special ships. Two torpedo-shaped floats under the water surface support the ship. This results in a physical wave decoupling which reduces the rolling and heeling of the yacht by up to 90 percent compared to conventional ships. The process for reducing vertical movements under sea conditions is similar to that of semi-submersible vessels (construction of oil platforms).
The wave motion, which is strongest at the water surface, decreases with increasing depth. The desired effect of this design is a drastic minimization of heeling and roll angles due to a much smaller waterline (e.g. compared to a catamaran of the same size). This means that the ship offers the wave a smaller area of attack. Actively controlled fins stabilize the yacht while sailing. The stability of the floating object is therefore less affected by surface currents and waves than with the classic construction method. A large proportion of SWATH vessels are below the waterline, which ensures a smooth ride even in strong waves. Passengers no longer have to worry about seasickness.







SWATH vs Conventional hull types

Sun in the Tank

the question of energy

The primary energy supply is provided by 280 square meters of solar energy. Solar modules convert sunlight into renewable electricity. These systems ensure reliability even in remote regions. A self-sufficient energy supply can be essential for survival there. This is why we rely on established technology. 

The combination of solar and electric drive is characterized by a long service life. The modern drive systems and technical equipment guarantee the necessary luxury and performance with minimum maintenance costs compared to conventional concepts.

Intelligent computer-controlled electronic management reduces the ship's energy requirements. Thus, under optimal conditions, daily stages of up to 140 sm (V=6Kn) with purely electric propulsion are possible. With the SolarImpact Yacht a luxurious life on the water becomes reality - completely without fossil fuels. A range extender guarantees full operational reliability even on cloudy days. The energy storage system is designed to provide maximum safety. Our yacht is equipped with two water-cooled, brushless permanent magnet electric motors of German manufacture. These generate a very high torque over the entire speed range. This guarantees a high output torque at very low speeds and high performance at higher speeds. This makes manoeuvring at low speeds much easier and more precise. At the same time, the dynamics at high speeds are increased. The motors can be operated in both forward and reverse direction, which allows the use of a joystick control. Perfect for docking and slow manoeuvring.



The SolarImpact Yacht conveys a feeling of indescribable lightness. It also offers technical extras and unique comfort for travel to the horizon and beyond.
How much energy can the solar system generate? This depends mainly on your geographical location and the current weather conditions. The number of daylight hours and the intensity of sunlight are the most important factors. However, in the most popular sailing areas in the world, the solar system can produce more than enough energy.
The ship is equipped with a real-time energy monitoring system, so that you as the owner can control the consumption of energy at any time and use it optimally. Glide anywhere with your mobile home - without a single drop of fuel! The power of the sun allows an almost unlimited range.

Yachtview 360°

a new era of mooring

Navigation with the Yachtview 360° system from a helicopter perspective

Yachtview 360° is the world's first camera system for ships from 15 to over 100 metres in length that provides an all-round view from a helicopter perspective. Even under the most difficult conditions when mooring, anchoring, manoeuvring in port or in narrow sea passages with heavy shipping traffic, skippers retain full control. Every millimeter of the boat's movement is tracked in real time to avoid collisions. Thanks to the good effect of the residual light amplification of the cameras, you have everything in view even in the evening and at night. Yachtview 360° marks the beginning of a new era of mooring!