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  • What is SWATH?

    SWATH stands for "Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull" and means that the ship is supported by two torpedo-shaped buoyancy bodies located under the water surface. This results in wave decoupling, which reduces rolling and heeling by up to 90%. Even in heavy seas the yacht lies calmly in the water. In a nutshell, this means that you can leave your cocktail glass on the table even in rough seas.

    SWATH stands for "Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull" and means that the ship is supported by two torpedo-shaped buoyancy bodies located under the water surface. This results in wave decoupling, which reduces rolling and heeling by up to 90%. Even in heavy seas the yacht lies calmly in the water. In a nutshell, this means that you can leave your cocktail glass on the table even in rough seas.

  • Why is this ship technology so revolutionary?
    This yacht combines the most modern, minimalist design with future-oriented technologies in the solar sector as well as the SWATH construction principle, which was applied for the first time in the private deep-sea sector. This technology from 1938 (currently 80 years old) was previously reserved for special ships. The SolarImpact Yacht is the first fully electrically powered SWATH Yacht series worldwide.
  • How did the idea of merging solar and SWATH technology come about?

    The advantages of the SWATH body are unique and an essential travel comfort on the water. In accordance with the vision of developing an ocean-going solar yacht for the premium segment, several years of research were carried out to combine these technologies under the premise of a high-tech design. With this world first, SolarImpact Yacht AG wants to make a significant contribution to maritime electromobility. With this model, sustainability, technical sophistication and noble design are combined in a unique way.

  • What is the difference between a SolarImpact yacht and a conventional yacht?

    There are actually two striking differences. On the one hand, in the operation of a conventional yacht, a diesel or petrol engine and one or two additional generators are always in use to ensure that all consumers on board as well as the journey are safe. On a SolarImpact yacht, all consumers from the light to the heating, galley and propulsion are purely electrical and thus require little maintenance and are quiet. This is an essential difference to a noisy motor yacht. Likewise, regular fuel consumption is not necessary, since the yacht is fed by solar energy. An almost unlimited journey as self-catering. The second striking difference is the underwater hull, which ensures a significantly quieter journey compared to catamaran or monohull construction. This allows you to enjoy a smooth glide even over turbulent seas.

  • Which market / which target group do you see for your yacht?

    Our product will appeal to fans of trend-setting technologies, individualists, design lovers and also to people changing from sailing boats.

  • Which certification class does the yacht have?

    The yacht is designed with a CE certification in the category Class A. This means that it is also approved for the ocean. It is therefore the highest classification possible in Europe.

  • How did the idea for the current project come about?

    The idea came from the visionary Werner Vögelie. With his own several years of experience on a yacht, he became more and more sensitive to a more conscious use of our resources. Especially and especially in the leisure area yacht. The desire for a yacht with purely regenerative operation arose. However, his own market research showed that there are no environmentally friendly, ocean-going yachts, especially in the premium segment. This was to change: with a team of technicians, tinkerers, scientists, designers and other visionaries he began to work on it. This was followed by countless theoretical calculations, model tests in research institutes and self-propelled models in the sea. After 5 years of research, the project is now being realized.


Solar | Battery | Maintenance

  • Which solar panels are installed?

    Solar cells of the company Sunpower, which are brought by the company Solbian into powerful modules suitable for the high seas. An example of use is the solar installation on the solar catamaran "PlanetSolar", which has already made several round-the-world trips. This stands for quality and reliability.

  • How large is the solar surface and what power can be generated?

    The SolarImpact 78 will have a solar area of 280 square meters, which is divided over different areas. The solar energy can thus be generated at different sections of the fuselage and the main roof surface in an optimal degree depending on the position of the sun. Under optimal conditions, up to 300 kWh per day of capacity can be gained for the batteries. This allows a daily travel time with solar energy of 6 hours. The maximum pure electric range of the yacht is 260 km with 6kn.

  • Are there maintenance intervals for the solar panels?

    No, the solar panels are maintenance-free. However, regular cleaning is recommended.

  • What type of battery is used and what is its capacity?

    Lithium-ion battery storages of the current generation are used to build the stacks. These have a total capacity of 800 kWh. This size is primarily relevant for driving operations and enables them to provide unlimited use of all consumers on board even at night. The batteries were developed by the company KREISEL. In the standard version the power corresponds to max. 800 kWh / 650V.

  • What happens if the sun does not shine over a longer period of time and therefore the solar modules cannot charge?

    In this case, the two emergency generators come into play and supply enough power for several days to serve all consumers on board as well as to get to the next safer place in slow motion.

  • Who else is involved in the development of the yacht?

    Our partners are: KREISEL Electric storage and drive technology Solbian Solarpanel AluShip Yard Hull production.

  • What is special about the drive system?

    We work with established partners from the maritime sector. The sensible combination of gearbox, electric motor and the entire drive train up to the propeller can achieve the highest possible overall efficiency and thus save valuable energy.

  • How does the drinking and process water treatment work?

    The ship will have very efficient watermakers, which can produce 180 litres of drinking water from salt water in one hour. For this purpose, the yacht will have tanks large enough to hold the drinking water as well as grey and black water. This ensures that no polluted waste water is discharged into the open sea. Plans for an own water treatment are also planned.

  • Who can carry out necessary repair or maintenance work on the yacht and how is the technical support for the owner guaranteed?

    Repair and maintenance work is carried out worldwide by our own technicians. These technicians already accompany the assembly of the complete ship. The customer also has the option of purchasing a maintenance package in which he receives worldwide immediate service exclusively as part of the warranty.

  • What is the total range of the yacht without stopover?

    The maximum range of the yacht in hybrid mode is 2500 km.

Design and more

Luxury | Comfort | Variants

  • What living space does the yacht offer?

    The 78 foot yacht offers 250 sqm luxury and comfort for up to 12 people. on 3 levels (lower deck, main deck, fly deck). Depending on the layout the yacht has 5 (4x double, 1x master) cabins depending on the layout.

  • Are there different types of cabins?

    It is possible to customize the cabins in your own design. The saloon as a free space is also fully available to the customer for personal design.