The interiors of the Solaryacht were designed for long stays on board with luxurious living areas and spacious cabins. It is especially dedicated to people who know comfort on long journeys and love sophisticated aesthetics. That excellent balance of shapes and the elegance of design make the SolarImpact Yacht an exceptional residence with a view of the sea. On deck you enjoy your own oasis to the sun and an environment where you can relax and unwind in complete peace. The SolarImpact is a yacht for cruisers who want to travel further without sacrificing comfort, elegance and the latest technology, whose goal is the actual experience of the journey itself.

comfort and elegance

Peace, comfort and elegance are your companions at sea
The large windows offer unparalleled views and incredible brightness in every area. This means for you: Cruising without renouncing Comfort and elegance of your own home. The interiors are designed to pamper you and your guests with maximum comfort. Light flows into the large open living room, which combines modern taste with a warm and cosy style. Peace, comfort and elegance are your companions at sea.

Pamper yourself and experience a complete sense of well-being
The forms, exclusivity and privacy - It is a concept that stimulates your well-being and all your senses and ensures your relaxation. After an day out at sea, the skipper's suite and the guest cabins offer a maximum of comfort and a pleasant peace and quiet.

The interior presents only one variant. The equipment is adapted according to the customer's wishes.


virtual visit of the Yacht

Here you can visit some areas of the yacht. The interior presents only one variant. The equipment is adapted according to customer's request.

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Cocooning stands for withdrawal into one's own four walls. Whether alone, with friends or family: this is how you create a cocoon of peace, security and relaxation. Your retreat. Here you can switch off, relax and recharge your batteries. Spend a lot of time with your family or invite friends and make yourself really comfortable together.

Create quiet zones for yourself
So that they feel really comfortable, small rest areas are the a and o, therefore we have created various areas and thus a place of peace, which creates a feeling of security. Listening to music relieves stress. Your thoughts can stray when listening and you will immediately feel happy and relaxed. Take time for yourself and your children - enjoy the moments of relaxation and closeness together. Invite friends, cook and eat together. Good food and entertaining conversations have a relaxing effect