Inviting living areas and spacious cabins - the upscale interior design makes extended stays on board a pure pleasure. Your sun deck is like a private oasis with a unique atmosphere where you can relax in peace and quiet. Thanks to its elegant design, the yacht will become your prestigious residence with a view of the sea. However, she not only impresses with her aesthetics and comfort, but also with her safety, long range and ideal hull shape. This makes long cruises in all sea conditions a pleasure - even for people with the highest expectations.

comfort and elegance

Comfort and style are your companions at sea
The large windows offer incomparable views and let all areas shine in bright light. Whether you are alone or with selected guests in your home at sea - the interior design leaves nothing to be desired. The spacious living room features a sophisticated lighting concept and state-of-the-art furnishings. Classical and stylish elegance, inviting you to linger.

Spoil yourself and experience complete relaxation
Clear lines and attractive shapes for the eye. Freedom, exclusivity and privacy for the soul. A concept that invigorates all the senses while providing relaxation. After an eventful day at sea you can enjoy the pleasant peace and quiet in the owner's suite or in the guest cabins. The illustrated interior is only one variant. The equipment will be adapted according to the customer's wishes. The 78-foot yacht offers 250 square metres of luxuriously and functionally furnished living space on three levels - with individual design options in terms of interior architecture and modern light, air conditioning and sound solutions.



Cocooning stands for the retreat into one's own four walls. Whether alone, as a couple or in a cheerful circle - your floating home will be your cocoon of peace and security. Here you can switch off, relax and tank up on new energy. Spend pleasant hours with your family or invite your friends.

Create quiet zones for yourself
Your second home at sea should be a place of shared experiences, but also offer retreat possibilities. That is why we have set up various areas where you can enjoy your time on board, depending on your taste. If you are looking for relaxation, you can read, listen to music or simply let your thoughts wander. If you feel like company, cook with friends, have stimulating conversations or treat yourself to Quality Time with your family. Soon you will feel a feeling of complete serenity spreading through your inner self.