A luxury yacht with sustainability


Looking to the future, the shipbuilding industry is driving the energy turnaround. A new generation of environmentally friendly watercraft will soon conquer the oceans.

Our solar yacht is not only convincing in terms of its innovative energy supply, its powerful electric propulsion and its attractive design, but also in terms of maximum sailing comfort. Even in meter-high waves she glides almost silently and without swaying. The hull technology is based on the SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) design principle, which reduces the rolling and heeling of the boat by up to 90 percent through physical wave decoupling. This means that the hull lies calmly in the water even in heavy swell.

All systems on board can use the sun as a primary energy source. The drive is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely quiet. Our solar-powered ship is energy self-sufficient and, with a top speed of up to 20 knots, it is amazingly sporty to sail. This is due on the one hand to the various drive components with high overall efficiency. On the other hand, the artificial intelligence (AI) used in energy management, which ensures optimum control. Thanks to the high level of automation of all important systems, a single person can manoeuvre the yacht.

"Technology is not the main focus: our customers expect a product that sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness, comfort and individual freedom. In this way, our yacht meets the increasing desire of people to permanently shift their centre of life to the water. Our concept takes an important step towards maritime e-mobility by avoiding noise and C02 emissions. We also see this as a special incentive for investors. Not only do they invest in a promising technology, they also pay into a fund that helps to preserve and rebuild the environment.

SolarImpact Yacht AG


think differently

SolarImpact Yacht AG is an innovative company with a clear plan for the future. Our team of experienced engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and lateral thinkers has an eye for beautiful forms and a sense for modern technology. We specialise in the development and design of SWATH luxury yachts powered exclusively by solar energy.

During his many years of experience at sea, founder and visionary Werner Vögeli became increasingly interested in environmental protection. Thus the idea for a maritime alternative to fossil combustion engines was born. His own research showed that there were hardly any environmentally friendly and seaworthy yachts on the market - especially in the premium segment. This was followed by countless theoretical calculations, model tests in research institutes and self-propelled models at sea. After 5 years of research work, the project has now been realized.

The future is electric

We are firmly convinced that the future is electric. There is already great interest in our 100 percent solar-powered SolarImpact 78, and we have no doubt that green technologies have enormous potential in the luxury yacht segment.


Only work with the best

It takes brilliant minds to build a yacht that is so complex and full of advanced solutions. SolarImpact therefore relies on cooperation with renowned European technology partners.
Drive technology and energy supply were developed in close cooperation with Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co. KG. The Austrian company is known for the development of battery packs that are among the lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries in the world.
For solar energy generation SolarImpact cooperates with SOLBIAN, the specialist for flexible solar modules in the maritime sector. Here, the most efficient solar cells from the American supplier SunPower are used, which have also sailed around the globe in SOLBIAN modules.

The design language of our yacht was created by the experienced yacht designer Roland Friedberger and stands for a clear, forward-looking design that fits seamlessly into the overall concept.